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Renaldo the Sandwich Guy's Journal

16th June, 2003. 1:26 am.(trustanti)

I feel like no one knows who I am, anymore. The world is a void of apathy, and through this all my hunger has ebbed.

I wonder what the end will be life, and contemplate if I can bring it about with my own mayonnaise-stained hands.

I need a Hero.

Current mood: indescribable.

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7th February, 2003. 7:41 pm. So what do we have here?(alejandradd)

Apparently, alax has been blaming me, Renaldo, for everything that's wrong with Smallville.

Let me tell you one thing, missy: the sandwich was mine (MINE!), and if you think I could have shared it with those people you seem to care so much about, you are wrong (WRONG!).

Of course people get hungry. People get hungry all the time. But it's none of my business (NONE!) And I see the way they look at my sandwiches, I know what they're thinking. But there is no way (NO WAY!) they're going to get them. I guard my sandwiches with my life. No one stands between my sandwich and me.

"Offering a bite" *scoffs* Yeah, right. Hahahahaha. Don't make me laugh, I won't be able to digest the chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise sandwich I'm eating as I type.

Current mood: acid.

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5th February, 2003. 8:48 pm.(bulletproofmonk)

There are those who would insult the beauty of a Red Wine Vinagrette Club On Three-Grain Roasted Garlic Bread. They will be the first to feel the cold steel of my Oneida Chateau butter knife. Now leave me. I wish to stare intensely at my reproduction print of Salvador Dali's A Philly Cheesesteak In Winter.

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15th December, 2002. 11:15 am. I'm famous(tigress35)

Apparently someone has written a story about me. It's not very favoring, but I guess that's what I get for talking to the media and not letting Michael handle it.


Current mood: amused.

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12th December, 2002. 10:20 am. Burger Time!(alejandradd)

Have I mentioned which one was my most favorite ColecoVision/Commodore 64 game of all times? Burger Time!

Ah, the joy of being a chef and making your own burgers! But as in any videogame, there are enemies here that will try to prevent you to achieve the delicious goal of making sandwiches. But they are powerless against me!! Mwahahhaaha. For I am the Burger Time Master of the Universe!!! Well... maybe not of the universe, but damn, can I make those sandwiches! I wish there was a way to eat those cybernetic burgers, they look so yummy.

I just discovered that you can actually play Burger Time on-line! Well, you could play it, if that version weren't so insanely fast. You can download the Coleco emulator and a neat version of Burger Time here

Have fun!!

Current mood: happy.

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9th December, 2002. 8:53 pm. They messed up my order again!!(alejandradd)

First of all: Hi, my name is Renaldo, and I started this journal because I seem to be popular around some people over the internet. I have no idea why, but you're better not trying to steal my sandwiches!

Now, what I was going to say: the caterers messed up my sandwich order again. God forbid they ever remember that I HATE CUCUMBERS!!!. Cucumbers are like, the most malicious fruit (I know it's not a fruit, shut up!) that ever inhabited this planet. And they taste like crap. Ah.... I know you innocent people are asking yourselves: "but why don't you throw away the cucumber and then have your sandwich?" Impossible. Once that filthy creature has lived inside your sandwich, the pestilence stays there, it refuses to go away. Arghhhhhhhhh, I hate cucumbers!!!

There are so much stuff about sandwiches that people out there doesn't know. Maybe later I'll talk about exactly how much condiment is the right amount of condiment to have in a sandwich.

Current mood: angry.

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