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They messed up my order again!!

First of all: Hi, my name is Renaldo, and I started this journal because I seem to be popular around some people over the internet. I have no idea why, but you're better not trying to steal my sandwiches!

Now, what I was going to say: the caterers messed up my sandwich order again. God forbid they ever remember that I HATE CUCUMBERS!!!. Cucumbers are like, the most malicious fruit (I know it's not a fruit, shut up!) that ever inhabited this planet. And they taste like crap. Ah.... I know you innocent people are asking yourselves: "but why don't you throw away the cucumber and then have your sandwich?" Impossible. Once that filthy creature has lived inside your sandwich, the pestilence stays there, it refuses to go away. Arghhhhhhhhh, I hate cucumbers!!!

There are so much stuff about sandwiches that people out there doesn't know. Maybe later I'll talk about exactly how much condiment is the right amount of condiment to have in a sandwich.
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Actually I think cucumber is a fruit since it has seeds? Or something.
I always thought of it more of a vegetable than a fruit, but I guess you're right. But it's not a fruit for Renaldo. For Renaldo it's just Eeevil incarnated or something. Yuck!