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Burger Time!

Have I mentioned which one was my most favorite ColecoVision/Commodore 64 game of all times? Burger Time!

Ah, the joy of being a chef and making your own burgers! But as in any videogame, there are enemies here that will try to prevent you to achieve the delicious goal of making sandwiches. But they are powerless against me!! Mwahahhaaha. For I am the Burger Time Master of the Universe!!! Well... maybe not of the universe, but damn, can I make those sandwiches! I wish there was a way to eat those cybernetic burgers, they look so yummy.

I just discovered that you can actually play Burger Time on-line! Well, you could play it, if that version weren't so insanely fast. You can download the Coleco emulator and a neat version of Burger Time here

Have fun!!
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