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renaldo's Journal

Renaldo the Sandwich Guy
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Anyone can join and post the wacky adventures of Renaldo in this journal!

You might recognize Renaldo from this picture, once posted on the crazy magical land of the TWoP Smallville forums.

The slow but steady snowballing of the Renaldo mania began with this very quotes:

"That is really cute, but for some reason my eye keeps focusing on Mr. Surly Sandwich there. He's just so intensely into that sandwich." -- Cyb

"Hee-hee--yeah, that guy does seem to be giving the evil hairy eyeball to someone regarding that sandwich. "Damn that Lionel Luthor! If he thinks he can steal my hogie, well he'd better think again!" LOL!" -- Shannen

"That's what I keep focusing on too!! Everyone else is working and he's just in his own world of nothing but sandwiches!!! Ha! Ha!" -- jthatter

"Damn, that sandwich looks good." -- Lexual

"Okay, so now I'm hungry. I blame y'all. Stop with the hogies! I've had nothing but Turkey soup and scrambled eggs today... Tummy is growling like Jodi after a kryptonite shake...." --LJC

"Wow, that guy really is into that sandwich. I like him so much, I think he should get his own episode. They could call it "Grinder" or something like that." -- Phylira

""Mommmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Cyb's making me laugh again"" -- Ale
"Blame it on the guy with the hoagie! He even made it into my dreams last night, sort of. It's like he's starring in his own show in my head, the WB hit Sandwichville." -- Cyb

After that, Renaldo came to life on this post on scrunchy's journal

More info soon.